Erickson Family Chiropractic in Richfield, WI

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About Us

Erickson Family Chiropractic was created by Doctors Michael and Amber Erickson.  They have three children, Alice, Logan and Astrid.




 Dr. Michael Erickson, D.C., B.S. graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in August, 2008.  He completed his undergrad education in West Bend, WI at the University of Wisconsin Colleges.  He graduated from Port Washington High School in 2000.  In the spring of 2013, he took over Genesis Chiropractic Clinic in Saukville, WI.  Genesis is a part of Columbia St. Mary's Hospital.  


Dr. Amber Erickson, D.C., B.S., M.E.B.W. graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in November, 2008.  She received her undergrad education in Fargo, ND at North Dakota State University.  She attended Logan College of Chiropractic for one year, prior to transferring to NWHSU.  She also is a Master Equine Bodyworker, certified by Equinology (in California, after two years of study).  She graduated from Hazen High School (North Dakota) in 1999. 

 Drs. Michael and Amber were married in 2008.