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Diversified Adjusting:  Diversified adjusting is the classic chiropractic technique that was developed by D.D. Palmer, who is the founder of modern chiropractic.  Diversified adjusting uses a hands on approach in which the chiropractor contacts a specific area on a bone, and then uses a very quick and short force to adjust it.  The adjustment is delivered along a very specific line of drive, and is used to correct a biomechanical area of dysfunction.  These are areas where spine is not working or moving correctly. 

 We also adjust animals, with a referral from your vet. 


Thompson (drop piece):  Thompson technique was developed by Dr. Joseph Clay Thompson.  Dr. Thompson sought treatment from a chiropractor after being diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus.  Thompson did not respond to the traditional medical techniques of the time, however, he did respond well to chiropractic care.  He began the development of a table with a piece that drops away from the patient during the delivery of the adjustment.  He also began incorporating the use of leg length checks to help in determining the areas of the spine where the patient should be adjusted.  This technique uses a hands on adjustment, with the assistance of the table to help deliver the proper force during an adjustment.


Activator Technique:  Activator is a technique using a spring loaded instrument to adjust the spine.  Activator technique utilizes a whole series of muscle tests to check which area of the spine to adjust.  In this clinic the activator instrument is used primarily as an adjunctive therapy rather then a primary technique. 


Nutritional Counseling: Dr. Michael is certified in Nutritional counseling through the state of WI.  In a one on one session, he will evaluate your current diet and nutritional needs.  He will then recommend nutritional changes and/or additional supplements that may benefit the individual patient.  We also offer numerous supplements for sale, please just ask about availability!





Theraplate:  Active Circulation Stimulation Technology draws circulation to entire body.  It increases metabolism, causes muscle contractions to stimulate circulation.  You feel the plate working in the feet, knees, legs, back and the neckIncreases the efficiency of your work by 25-30%.  Reduces the cause of most pain, does not mask pain.... Powerful but gentle - low/no impact.  Will not injure, or aggravate existing injuries and most people enjoy the treatment. 

Intersegmental Traction: A specialized table is utilized in this therapy.  The patient is positioned on the table lying on their back.  Rollers within the table are elevated and roll up and down the spine.  This motion causes passive flexion and extension of the individual segments.  This therapy may assist in restoring normal range of motion and in the healing of disk injuries by increasing passive motion to the disks.  The normal treatment period lasts for approximately 15 minutes.  To see what the table looks like click here

Gua Sha: This is a soft tissue technique that is very similar to Graston Therapy, but is done with plastic tools.  Gua Sha was developed as a healing technique in Asia, and it involves palpation and stimulation of the skin and muscles.  The affected area is pressed, in strokes, with an instrument after lotion is applied to the area.  This will usually result in the appearance of small red dots (petechiae) that usually disappear in a few days.  Some bruising may be noted as well.  This technique is very effective for treating muscle tightness or injury, for the elimination of scar tissue, to increase range of motion, to reduce pain and to increase circulation to the area. 

Trigger Point Therapy (TPT): TPT is used in an area of uncontrolled muscle tightness that is causing tenderness and is interfering with normal muscle functions. This can restrict normal range of motion, may weaken the muscle and often refers pain to other parts of the body. Trigger point therapy is applied by the Chiropractor pressing the skin to locate underlying bands of tight muscle, or nodules of muscle fibers. They then use hand/finger pressure or an instrument (such as an Activator) to compress the muscle with sustained pressure until it relaxes. The patient may note some discomfort with this therapy, or they may feel pain referring to other parts of the body, until the point releases. This can take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or more. This therapy is highly effective for reducing muscle spasms, relaxing tense muscles, restoring normal range or motion and promoting a faster healing time. This can reduce chronic muscle spasms, can help to eliminate scar tissue formation, will improve muscle tone and promotes better circulation.  

Ultrasound: This is a therapeutic treatment that uses high frequency sound waves to treat soft tissue injuries. Ultrasound works by using sound vibrations that travel very fast (sometimes as fast as a million times per second) to penetrate the tissues deep in body. This provides a deep, healing heat to soft tissues. The vibrations and the deep heat help to break down and to disperse un-wanted calcium deposits, and other hard accumulations within the soft tissues. This rise in the tissue temperature will increase blood flow to the area, can relax muscle spasms (increasing muscle metabolism), and can increase the healing processes speed by enhancing the bodies natural ability to heal. Most patients will not feel anything during their ultrasound treatments, or they may feel a slight heat. The gel used can feel slightly cool at first, but this should become a pleasant sensation within a few moments.

Interferential Electrical muscle stimulation “Stim“: This is a therapeutic treatment to aid in the relief of pain, and to increase the speed of soft tissue healing. Stim works by applying very small amounts of electrical impulses to the area that is injured and/or tight. Where they waves bisect each other underneath the skin surface, a low-frequency stimulation is created. This then prompts the body to secrete endorphins and other natural pain killers, which helps to relieve the pain and will bring blood flow to the area. Patients will feel a tingling sensation (a bit like “pins and needles”) at first, and the muscles may twitch a little, but there should be no pain associated with this. As your body may become used to the initial setting, the stim intensity may be raised during the course of a ten to twenty minute treatment for maximum healing effects. This therapy will help to reduce the pain and swelling, promote muscle tone, help restore normal movements and can accelerate the healing process.

 Superficial heat: Heat is applied with moist hot packs over a towel to raise the temperature of the soft tissues which are located directly below the surface of the skin. Heat applied to an area will enlarge the blood vessels below the surface, increase the blood flow to the area, relax muscles and can temporarily help to relieve painful symptoms and tension in muscles. Heat will also help reduce joint stiffness and can help prepare tight muscles for a Chiropractic adjustment.

 Cryotherapy (Icing): Ice is applied to reduce the temperature of the tissues directly below the skin. Surface cooling constricts blood vessels, helps to numb a painful area and can relax a muscle spasm by reducing nerve transmission (and so providing temporary relief to the area). Cryotherapy should be applied for ten to fifteen minutes throughout the day, applied every hour or two. There should always be at least one barrier between your skin and the ice, and check the skin temperature often to prevent an over-cooling of the tissues. 

 Custom Orthotics: We use a dynamic process to create a custom made orthotic.  The orthotic device is made from a thermal plastic that is heated and then custom fitted to your foot in office by Dr. Mike.  At our office you don't step into a mold or stand on a scanner.  You actually stand on the orthotic while Dr. Mike takes precise measurements to make corrections and customize the orthotic insert.

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